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Holly Hagan Snapchat

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Looking for Holly Hagan Snapchat name? Keep reading for the latest news on Looking for Holly Hagan Snapchat name? username and Snapcode. Holly Victoria Hagan, born on July 7, 1992, is an English television personality, model, and writer. She is best known for being part of MTV’s hit reality show Geordie Shore.

For three years, when Hagan was still a child, she and her parents lived in a council house in Grove Hill, a housing estate in Middlesbrough. She was enrolled by her mother in a private day care center. When Hagan was three years old, the council house where she lived was robbed during the night. Some time later, her mother witnessed three people inside a burning vehicle and made plans to move to another place the next day. Ultimately, the family moved to Thornaby-on-Tees, and at the age of four, Hagan was enrolled in St Joseph’s RC primary.

Prior to Geordie Shore, Holly worked for HM Revenue and Customs and sales at a call center in Santander, hoping to launch a modeling career. After asking, and securing a spot on the show she finally left the job.

Holly has featured in many men’s magazines, including Nuts with a photo shoot with fellow cast member Vicky Pattison. She also appeared on the cover of the English magazines FHM and Loaded. In July 2012 she posed naked for Nuts magazine. This was her first naked photo shoot. In August 2012 Hagan appeared naked in a photo shoot for OK! And the Heat showing her weight loss.

Holly Hagan began her artistic career on the MTV reality show Geordie Shore in 2011 when she was only eighteen years old. Her opening speech on the show was “I’m thin, hot and I’m going to crack!”. She was present in all twelve seasons of the show, including The Battle, was also present in each episode, except the fourth episode of the first season. In the seventh season, she got into a fight with newcomer Marnie Simpson. In an interview with the UK magazine Now, Holly said that the two of them “could not talk”. However, they are now friends. Also in the seventh season, Holly celebrated her 21st birthday. In the ninth season, Holly started a romance with Kyle Christie, who is also a member of the Geordie Shore. In the tenth season, Holly returns to Geordie Shore’s house along with Kyle. In October they officiated the relationship, before a dramatic split during the show’s eleventh season, shown between October and December 2015. Holly left Geordie Shore during the twelfth season as a result of an argument with co-star Charlotte Crosby . She returned in the next episode and announced to everyone that she was back with Kyle. However, in the series A Batalha, she announced that she was single. Kyle came back, but they did not resume the romance, just remained friends.

In 2014, Hagan released a remix version of the song Milkshake. In April 2016, Holly and her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Christie co-starred in a new reality show called MTV’s Love Rally.

She also released an autobiography entitled “Holly Hagan: Not quite a Geordie book.

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