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KSI Snapchat

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Looking for KSI Snapchat name? Keep reading for the latest news on KSI Snapchat username and Snapcode. Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, born June 19, 1993, in Watford, Hertfordshire, known as KSI (abbreviation of his YouTube channel KSIOlajidebt), is a British rapper and web video producer who became known through his videos on the video platform YouTube.

His pseudonym KSIOlajidebt is composed of the name of an online game community in which he was a member (KSI), his real name Olajide and BT for British Telecom. He has also appeared on various shows like BT Sports, where he played FIFA with football pro Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Before opening his successful channel, he had a YouTube channel JideJunior, which has existed since April 24, 2008. He opened his current account on July 24, 2009 with a video about the video game Fifa. According to his website, YouTube stars like Weepeler and Hjerpsteh inspired him to start his own YouTube career. His main channel is primarily focused on Fifa while on its second channel he plays and comments on other games such as Grand Theft Auto V. His secondary channel, KSIOlajidebtHD, contains videos in which he plays and comments on occasional arcade and horror games.

KSI acts as a rapper in the music industry. He recorded his first success with the YouTober Randolph when they released “Heskey Time”. The rap song about Emile Heskey was released shortly before Christmas in 2011 on iTunes, while the video shows the professional footballer in the game “FIFA”, in which he lends various chances. Based on the success of “Heskey Time” he launched a video series similar to the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History, which is called “Football Rap Battles”. He and Randolph played the characters of famous personalities from the world of football.

KSI and Randolph released “Sweaty Goals” on December 20, 2012 under the artist name “Blacknwhite”, which reached the 20th place in the iTunes and 68th place in the British music charts.

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KSI Snapchat is Therealksi

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