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Sia Snapchat

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Looking for Sia Snapchat name? Keep reading for the latest news on Sia Snapchat username and Snapcode. Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, born in Adelaide, December 18, 1975, is an Australian pop singer and songwriter.

She is known for her work with the group Zero 7 and her three studio albums. In 2008 she had a hit with the song The Girl You Lost To Cocaine. She also wrote and sang the song in the final scene of the popular American series Six Feet Under, ‘Breathe Me’. On June 18, 2010, her fourth album, ‘We Are Born” came out. With this album, she hit a different musical direction. The single Clap your hands, an up-tempo pop rock song (and thus very different from, say Breathe Me), Sia broke through to a wide international audience. The song was to be found in several European charts on a high listing.

For the album Bionic by Christina Aguilera, Sia has written several songs, four of which are actually on the album. Sia recorded the song ‘My Love’ for the soundtrack of the Twilight Saga movie Eclipse.

In 2011, Sia has collaborated with many other artists such as David Guetta. On December 19, 2011, Sia along with Flo Rida released the single “Wild Ones”. In 2012, Sia has once again collaborated with David Guetta, for the song “She Wolf”. In 2012 she also worked on the album “Warrior” by Ke$ha and co-wrote “Diamonds”, the first single from Rihanna’s seventh studio album, which until now is the second biggest hit that she wrote.

Her big break as a performer had appeared with the album “1000 forms or fears” in 2014. This album came first in the Billboard Hot 100 and was a long time in the top 10 of the UK top 40.

On May 12, 2015, Sia’s cover of the song California Dreamin ‘(the first hit of The Mamas & the Papas) was released. The song is from the film “San Andreas”.

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